Sulphuric acid

our annual capacity of Sulphuric acid(H2So4) is 500,000 mtseach 
year.100% for is the by-product from our other chemical
program.we,Qingdao Hisea chem corporation is one of the few 
companies who have export right of sulphuric acid in china.

Name: sulphuricacid,H2SO4

Synonyms:Oil Of Vitriol; Babcock Acid; SulphuricAcid; Battery 
Acid;Acide Sulfurique (French); Acido Solforico (Italian); Acido 
Sulfurico (Spanish); Dihydrogen Sulfate; Dipping Acid; 
Electrolyte Acid; Hydrogen Sulfate; Mattling Acid; 
Schwefelsaeureloesungen; Spirit Of Sulfur; 
Zwavelzuuroplossingen;china sulphuric acid;asia sulphuric 
acid;europe sulphuric acid;africa sulphuric acid
south america 
sulphuric acid;north america sulphuric acid;middle east 
sulphuric acid etc.china sulphuric acid,china H2SO4

free SO2:0.01%max

CAS NO.:7664-93-9
EN NO.:231-639-5
harzard class:8
UN NO.:1830

250kgs/drum 80 drums/20'fcl 20mts/20'fcl
1.2mts/IBC drum 20 drums/20'fcl 24mts/20'fcl