Manufacture for cupric sulfate CuSo4 5H2O 


ITEMFlotation GradeIndustrial GradeFeed GradeElectroplating GradeCuSO4.5H2O %≥969898.599Cu                  %≥24.52525.125.2H2SO4           %≤ Insoluble%≤                        ≤10ppm10ppm10ppm10ppmAs                        ≤5ppm5ppm4ppm5ppm

1.Used as fungicide and cupric pesticides(Bordeaux mixture) in agricultural field,can be used to kill the fungi,prevention and control of fruit trees diseases.
2.Widely used in the prevention and treatment of fish diseases in aquaculture.Can also be used for algae removal in paddy fields and pond.
3.Important trace elements fertilizer in agriculture and important trace element for animal feed additives.
4.Used as the electrolyte in electrolyse refined copper.
5.As activator in non-ferrous metals flotation.