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Cyclohexanone is the organiccompound with the formula(CH2)5CO. The molecule consists of six-carbon cyclic molecule with ketone a  functional group. This colorless oil has an odor reminiscent of peardrop sweetsas well as acetone.Over time, samples assume a yellow color due to oxidation. Cyclohexanone isslightly soluble in water and miscible with common organic solvents. Billionsof kilograms are produced annually, mainly as a precursor to nylon.

Formula :(CH2)5CO

HS CODE : 29142200

CAS NO.:108-94-1

Alternate name : Anone

Short name :CYC


Product name:








Density P20 g/cm3



Acidity as Acetic Acid 



Distillation 0°C,101.3Kpa



Water Content %



Purity % 



Caproaldehyde+2-already ketone PPM


2-Heptanone PPM


Light Component PPM


Cyclohexanol PPM


Heavy Component PPM



          190kg/drum, 80drum/20ft container=15.2mts/20ft container



Cyclohexanone is produced by theoxidation of cyclohexane in air, typically using cobaltcatalysts:

C6H12 + O2 → (CH2)5CO + H2O

This process co-forms cyclohexanol,and this mixture, called "KA Oil" for ketone-alcohol oil, is the mainfeedstock for the production of adipic acid.The oxidation involves radicals and the intermediacy of the hydroperoxide C6H11O2H. Insome cases, purified cyclohexanol, obtained by hydration of cyclohexene,is the precursor. Alternatively, cyclohexanone can be produced by the partial hydrogenation of phenol:

C6H5OH + 2 H2 → (CH2)5CO

This process can also be adjustedto favor the formation of cyclohexanol.


Cyclohexanone can be preparedfrom cyclohexanol by oxidation with chromiumtrioxide (Jones oxidation). An alternative methodutilizes the safer and more readily available oxidant sodium hypochlorite.


The great majority ofcyclohexanone is consumed in the production of precursors to Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6. About half of the world's supply is converted to adipic acid,one of two precursors for nylon 6,6. For this application, the KA oil(see above) is oxidized with nitric acid. The other half of thecyclohexanone supply is converted to cyclohexanone oxime. In the presence of sulfuric acidcatalyst,the oxime rearranges to caprolactam.


Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material, made of nylon major intermediates of caprolactam and adipic acid is also important industrial solvent, such as used in the paint, especially for those with nitrocellulose vinyl chloride polymer and its copolymers or methyl acrylate polymer paint used for organophosphorus pesticide and many excellent solvent, such as pesticide analogues used as a solvent, dye as solvent type piston aviation lubricating oil viscosity, the wax and the rubber solvent is used for the dyeing and flatting homogenizing agent, polished metal degreasing agent, color painting, wood available cyclohexanone film escapes the dirt off to take off the spot Cyclohexanone was condensed with cyanoacetic acid to obtain cyclohexyleneacetic acid, and then eliminated and decarboxylated to obtain cyclohexeneacetonitrile. Finally, cyclohexeneethylamine [3399-73-3] was obtained by hydrogenation. Cyclohexeneethylamine is an intermediate of the medicine cough mecetron, etc


Health hazard: The product has anesthetic and stimulation effect acute poisoning: the main symptoms are eye, nose and throat mucosal irritation symptoms and dizziness, chest tightness, general weakness and other serious symptoms may appear shock coma limbs convulsions pulmonary edema, finally due to respiratory failure and death after discontact can quickly recover the normal fluid has irritation to the skin; Eye contact may cause chronic effects of corneal damage: long-term repeated contact may cause dermatitis explosion risk: the product is inflammable, irritant

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