Chinese name: 邻苯二甲酸二乙酯

English name: Diethyl phthalate

CAS No. : 84-66-2

Molecular formula: C12H14O4

Molecular Weight: 222.24


Product performance:

Used as plasticizer, solvent, lubricant, deodorant, foaming agent for flotation of non-ferrous or rare metal mines, gas chromatographic stationary solution, alcohol denaturant, spray insecticide. This product has good compatibility with most resins such as cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate butyrate, polyvinyl acetate, nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, polymethyl methacrylate, polystyrene, polyvinyl butyral, vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer. Plasticizer mainly used for cellulose resin.


Packed in 200L plastic drum, each net weight 230kg.