Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate  FesO4.7H2O 98%


ITEMFeSO4.7H2O FeSO4.H2OFeSO4.H2O     %≥----91.4FeSO4.7H2O   %≥98----Fe                    %≥19.730.0As                     %≤0.00020.0002Pb                     %≤0.0020.002


1.As fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides in agriculture.
2.Feed grade used as nutritional supplements, raw material for synthesis of hemoglobin.
3.Used in the manufacture of iron salts, ink, iron oxide red and indigo.
4.Mordant, tanning agent, wood preservative and disinfectant, photoengraving, etc.
5.Used as a local convergence agent and hematinic in medicine.
6.Used for sewage treatment in the environmental protection industry, used as flocculating agent, reducing agent, precipitation agent.