Low Price High Fructose Corn Syrup 42% 55% 60% 90%

Description of Corn Syrup:

Made from corn starch milk, with enzymatic conversion and heterogeneous technology, and with the world's most advanced micro-filtration membrane technology, our fructose syrup products encompass two categories,F42 and F55. It is mainly used for soft drink, soda water, fruit juice, cakes, sweetmeat, dairy products, oral liquid and so on.






Product Advantage

Acidity Regulators
Increase appetite, promote digestion and absorption.
Mainly used as sour agents and flavoring agents in food and beverage industries
Besides adjusting sour, citric acid can improve food flavor, inhibit fungi, anti-corrosive and anti-browning.

Taste good with high stability.
High sweetness, low in calories and safe.
To regulate food flavor and assist in weight loss.

Prolong food storage time.
Harmless under rational use.
To maintain food original quality and value.

Flavors & Fragrances
Improver for beverage and candy.
Can be used in toothpaste and perfume.
It is applied in perfumeries and pharmaceuticals.

To enhance immunity.
Reduce the risk of cancer.
To promote the formation of collagen.

Fruit & Vegetable Powder
Natural without additives.
Nutritious,100% water-soluble.
Low moisture content, long preservation time.


Our products are widely applied in food, beverage, cosmetics, toy, pigment, detergent, rubber and electroplating industries, etc.

Packaging & Shipping


25kg, 75kg, 290kg drum, 1.3mt IBC DRUM, flexitank etc for Popular sweetener high fructose corn syrup 55
High Fructose Corn Syrup /liquid glucose(HFCS90) F55 F42

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