Sodium Metabisulfite 97% industrial/food grade  CAS No 7681-57-4 Na2s2o5  

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:external polypropylene woven bag, polyethylene plastic bag inner 


 Sodium metabisulfit



White Free Flowing Fine Crystal or Powder


Industrial grade

      1) Purity (calculated with Na2S2O5): 97%

      2) Iron (Fe): 0.005%

      3) SO2: 65%

      4) PH value: 4.0-4.6

      5)Water insoluble matter: 0.05%


Food grade

     1) Purity (calculated with Na2S2O5): 97%

     2) Iron (Fe): 0.0005%

     3) Arsenic (As): 0.0002%

     4) pH value: 4.0-4.6

     5) Water insoluble matter: 0.05%

     6) Heavy metal (Cal. in Pb): 0.002%



1.Dye printing mordant. 

2.Textile antichlor after being bleached.


3.Reducing agent and sulfonating agent for chemical     and medical use.

4.Bamboo, wood, paper fiber bleaching agent, non-ferrous metal ore dressing agent, waste water treating , rubber freezing agent.