Summary] :

Zero-water sodium metasilicate has strong alkalinity, strong detergency, buffer capacity, can neutralize acid dirt, make fat and oil emulsification, has a deflocculation effect on inorganic substances, has anti-corrosion effect on metals, can replace sodium tripolyphosphate used in the synthesis of efficient detergents and metal cleaning agents, reduce the pollution of sodium tripolyphosphate to the environment. Zero-water sodium metasilicate is widely used in the configuration of various lotions, metal surface treatment, ceramic grinding aid, refractories, plastic and water retention agent raw materials, degreasing textile printing and dyeing additives and paper deinking agents.

[Packaging] :

The outer packing is made of plastic woven bag and kraft paper bag. The inner packing is made of polyethylene film bag. The net weight of each bag is 25kg. The mouth of the inner bag is sealed, and the stitching line of the outer bag is neat to meet the packing requirements. We can decide the way of packing according to customer's request.

[transport] :

The means of transport must be dry and tidy, and handled lightly, avoiding sharp instruments. The broken package should be protected from rain and dampness when shipped out.

[storage] :

Products should be stored more than 20cm from the ground to the wall, avoid sun and rain, and adhere to the principle of first-in, first-out.




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