Sodium thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate ;Sodium hyposulfite 99%  CAS: 10102-17-7


ItemPhotographic gradeIndustrial gradeAnhydrous gradeAppearancecolorless transparent crystalcolorless transparent crystalwhite powderAssay≥ 99.00%≥ 98.5%≥ 97.0%Water Insoluble matter≤ 0.01%≤ 0.03%≤ 0.03%Sulfide≤ 0.001%≤ 0.003%≤ 0.001%Fe≤ 0.001%≤ 0.003%≤ 0.005%PH6.5~9.56.5~9.56.5~9.5Water solution reactionin accordance with the testin accordance with the test----Granularity(g/g)12~16-------



1) It has been used as treatment of calciphylaxis in hemodialysis people with end-stage kidney disease. 

There is apparently an incompletely understood phenomenon whereby this causes severe metabolic

acidosis in some patients.

2) It is used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning.Thiosulfate serves as a sulfur donor for the conversion

of cyanide to thiocyanate (which can then be safely excreted in the urine), catalyzed by the enzyme 


3) It is used in the management of extravasations during chemotherapy. Sodium thiosulfate prevents

alkylation and tissue destruction by providing a substrate for the alkylating agents that have invaded

the subcutaneous tissues.

4) In foot baths for prophylaxis of ringworm, and as a topical antifungal agent for tinea versicolor.

 5) In measuring the volume of extracellular body fluid and the renal glomerular filtration rate.

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Qingdao Hisea Chem Co., Ltd is a famous chemical manufacture since 1996, located in Chemical Logistics Park of Qingdao port which is only 30 kilometers from the Qingdao port, and the traffic is very convenient.

 Based on the oil refining chemical plant of CNPC and Sinopec which distributed around of China,we product Glacial acetic acid, Formic acid, Nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide, and we produce sodium hydroxide,potassium hydroxide,sodium sulfide, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate based on salt, potassium, magnesium, coal resources from the lop nurand the Qinghai lake .Reduplicating distillation the acids and the solvents and improving the product purity is to reach each field application, textile ,reagent and medical level etc. It is our top advantage to provide the high purity of products and make customized production according to the customer's requirements.

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