2021-04-26 15:58:59

Methylene dichloride: Market bottom area may have formed

Recently, the Methylene dichloride market is mainly weak. The market as a whole has a high start-up load.The supply side is loose, downstream operators in buying up not buying down mentality driven by the enthusiasm of receiving goods is not high, and there is no hoarding phenomenon before the festival.The demand side support is limited, the market trading atmosphere is light, the business bearish mentality is strong, some enterprises inventory pressure gradually show, Shandong and other market talks focus continues to decline.

According to Zhongyu monitoring showed that compared with the weekend, Shandong region fell 200-210 yuan/ton, down by 5.8%. While East China, South China and other markets fluctuate less, some enterprises in the region have little inventory pressure. Factory adjustment intention is not high, the wait-and-see atmosphere is obvious. Parts of eastern China fell by 50 yuan/ton, or 1.2%, while southern China fell by 50 yuan/ton, or 1.3%.

Recently, Shandong Dongyue device has gradually recovered to about 50%, and the supply in the region has increased. Later, Jiangsu Meilan device plans to overhaul about half of the equipment on 29th, when the overall market will start to work or reduce.


Raw materials, the week of liquid chlorine market shipments compared with the early signs of a significant slowdown, and the main downstream intention to pressure prices. At present, the reference price of Shandong tanker is 1400-1500 yuan/ton. In terms of methanol, the inventory of enterprises in Northwest China is low. In addition, some olefin is produced and consumed downstream in surrounding areas, so the volume inside and outside the region is still limited as a whole, and the price center continues to move up actively. But in the middle and late weeks, some enterprises plan to export methanol news release, the downstream turned cautious, the market atmosphere turned to wait-and-see.Overall, the trend of the main upstream liquid chlorine enterprises is weak, and the cost pressure of enterprises is reduced.

To sum up, the current downstream pre-festival stock has not been opened, the trading atmosphere is general, cautious and wait-and-see operators.However, as the price gradually approaches the bottom, and the May Day holiday is approaching, the downstream may begin to stock up in succession, coupled with the maintenance plan of Jiangsu Meilan, the supply side has a certain positive support, it is expected that the dichloromethane market in the late stage of the decline space is limited, the market may hit bottom and rebound.Operators are advised to pay attention to plant plant operation, factory inventory, and downstream delivery conditions. Operators are advised to pay attention to the operation of plant installations and factory inventory status and downstream receiving status.