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glacial acetic acid

Supply of natural edible acetic acid, strictly in accordance with the national standard (GB1903-2008) production, process specifications, through corn -- crushing -- cooking -- saccharification -- fermentation -- crude distillation -- distillation -- alcohol -- alcohol ingredients -- evaporation -- oxidation -- acetaldehyde tower -- acetaldehyde oxidation -- bottom -- high -- vinegar and other more than a dozen processes refined and become.

Application of glacial acetic acid in food:

1, can be used as a sour agent, sweetening agent. Can produce synthetic edible vinegar. Dilute acetic acid with water to 4-5% concentration and add various flavoring agents to obtain edible vinegar. Its flavor is similar to that of brewing vinegar.

2, often used in tomato sauce, mayonnaise, drunk rice sugar sauce, pickles, cheese, sugar food products. Dilute properly when used

3, can also be used to make tomatoes, asparagus, baby food, sardines, squid and other canned, and pickles, broth soup, cold drinks, sour cheese used in food spices, need to be diluted

4. Can make soft drinks, cold drinks, candy, baked food, pudding, glue sugar, seasoning, etc.

5, as a sour agent, can be used for drinks, canned, etc.

6, washing commonly used glacial acetic acid, concentrations of 28%, 56%, 99%, respectively. If you buy glacial acetic acid, add 28CC of glacial acetic acid to 72CC of water to get 28% acetic acid. More commonly, it is sold at a concentration of 56%, because this concentration of acetic acid can be obtained by adding the same amount of water. Acetic acid at a concentration of 28% can damage acetate fibers and denar fibers.

CASNO: 64-19-7

Alias/Chemical name: glacial acetic acid, glacial acetic acid, acetic acid, acetic acid

Molecular/structural formula: C2H4O2

Molecular weight: 60.05

Density (g/ L) : 1.048

Content (%) : 99.5

Character colorless transparent liquid, have pungent odor.

Melting point is 16.635 ℃

Boiling point 117.9 ℃

The refractive index of 1.3716

Flash point 57 ℃