2021-05-08 14:17:49

plasticizer:The upswing is coming

After the May Day return, affected by raw material octanol, n-butanol rise, DOP, DBP industry cost pressure increases, the market center of gravity skyrocket, for plasticizer industry chain rise and later how to deduct, Zhongyu information will make the following analysis.

Raw material butyl alcohol holiday price adjustment busy.Under the influence of the maintenance or negative reduction of some butyl alcohol devices, the supply will be significantly reduced in May, and the atmosphere of speculation will be strong. During the holiday, the price of butyl alcohol will be increased one after another.For DOP and DBP, the cost pressure increases, and most of them are ready to go. After the holiday, the growth of plasticizer will follow up on the basis of the sustained growth of butyl alcohol.

Plasticizer industry supply is low.Before May Day, the downstream just need to stock up, and the supply of DOP and DBP manufacturers has decreased, especially the phenomenon of DOP manufacturers queuing up for delivery. With the addition of some device factors, the DOP market will basically start at about 60%, and the shortage of goods will continue to some extent.

In conclusion, there is still room for speculation in the declining supply of butyloctanol, which maintains the pulling effect on DOP cost.The overall supply level of DOP and DBP is not high, and it is expected that the price level will still go up in the later period, but the overall passivity is obvious.

Now has entered May, the weather is getting hotter, terminal PVC soft products industry production and marketing or gradually by certain constraints, the end of the plasticizer demand prospects suppressed, coupled with the current price once again to high, chasing the risk of increasing, so the cautious mood to buy increased;For the terminal, the price of DOP, DBP and PVC rises simultaneously, and the cost pressure is intensified, and the resistance is also difficult to avoid. For DOP and DBP, although they rise with the rise, the rise is difficult to reach the raw material, and the profit is also blocked. Therefore, the plasticizer industry chain is still facing great challenges in the later stage, and there is no lack of bearish situation.