Soda Ash 92%/soda ash light/Sodium Carbohydrate 


General information:

sodium carbonate soda ash, soda ash light, 
CAS No.: 497-19-8  
EINECS No.: 207-838-8

Certificate of Analysis

ItemIndex(HighClass)Analysis ResultTotal Alkali(Quality Fraction of Na2Co3 Dry Basis)%≥99.099.2Nacl (Quality Fraction of Nacl Dry Basis)%≤0.700.45Fe Quality Fraction(Dry Basis)%≤0.00350.0030Sulfate(Quality Fraction of SO4 dry Basis)%≤0.030.025Water-Fast Substance in Quality Fraction%≤0.030.0098Conclusion:premium grade

1. Chemicals And Metallurgy
2. Medicine, Petroleum, 
3.Textile, Detergent, 
4.Dyeing Stuff And Foodstuff, 
5.Glass, Enamel And Paper Industry, Etc. 
6.As Well As For Purification Of Water

 Plastic woven bag. Net weight 40Kg./Light    525 bags/20fcl   24mts/20fcl 

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 Soda Ash 92%/Soda Ash Light Powder/Sodium Carbohydrate