Potassium hydroxide

content : 90%min,99%


1. Detail description
HS code: 281520
CAS No.: 1310-58-3
Chemical Formula:KOH
Appearance: White flakes or colorless liquid
2. Certificate of analysis

Product name:
Potassium hydroxide

GB/T 1628.1-2000

IndexSpecificationResult(KOH)%≥90.090.9(K2CO3)%≤1.40.2(chloride)%≤0.020.003(sulphate)%≤0.050.01(nitrate)% <0.002<0.002(Na)≤1.00.2(Fe)≤0.0020.0001(Kclo3)
<0.001(Pb) Heavy metal)≤0.002<0.002Test Conclusion

3.Packing details
25kg/bag                   1080bags/20fcl           27mts/20fcl


1. Used as desiccant, absorbent, used for making oxalic acid and various potassium salts, and also used in electroplating, engraving, lithography, etc.

2. Mainly used as raw material for potash production.

3. chemical basic raw materials, used in medicine, daily chemical, etc. 

4. Used as an absorbent of analytical reagent, saponification reagent, carbon dioxide and water.

5. The daily chemical industry is used as raw material for making soap, soft soap, cream, shampoo, etc.Pharmaceutical industry used for manufacturing progesterone, vanillin and other raw materials.The dye industry is used to make melamine dyes.The battery industry is used to make alkaline batteries.


Potassium hydroxide (chemical formula: KOH), commonly known as caustic potash, white solid, insoluble in water, alcohol, but insoluble in ether in the air easy to moisture absorption and deliquescence can react with carbon dioxide to produce potash so it can be used with potassium hydroxide to absorb carbon dioxide is a typical strong base, there are many industrial applications, most are because of the application of potassium hydroxide and acid reaction, and the corrosion of potassium hydroxide itself


Health hazard: this product is highly corrosive. It can cause severe irritation to respiratory tract after inhalation or direct contact with skin and eyes can cause burns. Oral burn of the digestive tract can be fatal

Company profile

     Qingdao Hisea Chem Co., Ltd is a famous chemical manufacture since 1996, located in Chemical Logistics Park of Qingdao port which is only 30 kilometers from the Qingdao port, and the traffic is very convenient.

     Based on the oil refining chemical plant of CNPC and Sinopec which distributed around of China,we product Glacial acetic acid, Formic acid, Nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide, and we produce sodium hydroxide,potassium hydroxide,sodium sulfide, potassium sulfate based on salt, potassium, magnesium, coal resources from the lop nurand the Qinghai lake .Reduplicating distillation the acids and the solvents and improving the product purity is to reach each field application, textile ,reagent and medical level etc. It is our top advantage to provide the high purity of products and make customized production according to the customer's requirements.We have our own sub-assembly factory, which can meet different needs of customers.

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