2021-04-30 14:51:07

Cyclohexanone: Can Cyclohexanone continue to maintain high levels in May?

In April, cyclohexanone market shock upward, high consolidation at the end of the month,mainly the cost side to push up activelyand the May Day holiday to support the market stock demand.But with the completion of the stock, demand weakened, the downstream of high-priced raw materials conflict, procurement cautious. In May whether to maintain a high level of operation, we will explore the following specific.

Supply and demand side, this month chemical fiber market stock, market supply and demand tight. Part of cyclohexanone manufacturers centralized maintenance, start low, on-site supply reduction, And near the May Day holiday, the downstream chemical fiber market actively stocking, solvent market to maintain just need to purchase, spot spot tight, offer to go up. However, as the price of cyclohexanone goes up, the downstream resistance to high-priced raw materials increases, and procurement is cautious. Entering May, purchasing enthusiasm may decline. However, in terms of supply, some manufacturers will overhaul in April, and the equipment is expected to restart after May Day. Hualu Hengsheng new production capacity is expected to be put into production in May, supply may increase, is expected to highlight the contradiction between supply and demand.

From the back, after the May Day stock, the market demand turns weak, the contradiction between supply and demand highlights, the cyclohexanone market may have the tendency of profit shipment, it is expected that the market price of cyclohexanone may fall after the May Day, the specific still need to pay attention to the cost and the dynamic changes of the device.