2021-03-11 17:03:30

Sodium metasilicate market prospect

Market prospect

In recent years, sodium metasilicate with the rapid development of ceramics and other related industries, the market demand is also growing rapidly. Anhydrous sodium metasilicate increased from several thousand tons to nearly 100,000 tons; Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is a step a few years, from 20,000 tons to more than 300,000 tons; With the expansion of low-grade ceramics, sodium metasilicate in nine water has a relatively large increase while maintaining the market. Another factor contributing to the increase in demand for sodium metasilicate is the rising price of phosphate, which has prompted a significant shift in consumption to alternatives. According to experts forecast, the market demand for various varieties of sodium metasilicate will also have a larger release in the next few years, but the market competition and survival of the fittest is inevitable.