Hydrogen peroxide



Qingdao Hisea chem Co.Ltd specialize in manufacturing kinds of hydrogen peroxide.We are providing hydrogen peroxide 50 in good quality and competitive price.

Product name Hydrogen peroxide   Standard GB 1616-88
Index                                Specification                Result
H2O2, %                                  ≥50                       50.2
Free acid as H2SO4,%            ≤0.03                    0.028
Evaporation residue,%           ≤0.06                    0.055
Stability,%                              ≥97                          98

we can offer three kind purity:
H2O2  50%MIN 
H2O2  35%MIN 
H2O2  27.5%MIN

30kgs/drum            23.55mts per 20ft container
250kgs/drum          20mts per 20ft container
1.2mts/IBC drum    24mts per 20ft container
ISO tank:25mts

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